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Holistic Health Within Reach

Our nonprofit connects people in financial need to practitioners offering sliding scale healing arts services. Get started now!

As long as there is a financial need, a lifetime membership to our nonprofit will allow you to see anyone in our network for $30-60 per session. A lifetime membership costs $49.

How It Works

Search our expansive network to find Open Path Healing Arts Collective practitioners in your area.
Register and pay a one-time, lifetime membership fee of just $49.
Schedule an appointment with your practitioner for $30-60 a session.

We Welcome All

Sexual Orientations
Gender Identities
Countries of Origin

Who Our Nonprofit Serves

Our nonprofit serves clients who lack health insurance or whose health insurance doesn’t provide adequate healing arts benefits. These clients also cannot afford current market rates for care (between $80-200 a session). We help our members access their choice of affordable care from a vetted healing arts practitioner. Please visit our client information page to learn more.

Holistic Health Disciplines

Explore our multiple holistic health disciplines and find the one that fits your needs.

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