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Our Collective

Nourish your community. Elevate your practice

Open Path Healing Arts Collective is a nonprofit nationwide network of healing arts practitioners dedicated to providing affordable holistic care to clients in need.

There are no fees whatsoever for participating Healing Arts Collective practitioners.

Thinking of joining the Collective? Learn more here:

We care about holistic health

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective, our main program, launched in 2013 to connect families and individuals with vetted, professional, sliding scale care. Accessibility to mental health is just one facet of holistic health — physical and energetic health are also crucially important to improved well being. We intend to make the process of offering sliding-scale treatments to your clients as streamlined and rewarding as possible. Open Path Healing Arts Collective generates referrals for your sliding scale slots, advertises your profile at no cost, and enhances your ability to serve your community.


How Healing Arts Works for You

Your relationship with the client is identical to any other client in your caseload. The only difference is the fee scale. Healing Arts makes it easy to offer sliding scale sessions.

Generate Referrals For Your Practice:
You can set your fee within the Healing Arts sliding scale of $30-60 for individual care. The client pays you directly for each session.

Your Healing Arts Collective profile advertises your practice to nearby clients seeking affordable holistic health care. To work with you, a client signs up for a Healing Arts Collective membership.

Why Join Open Path

Nourish Your Community
You can serve your community by offering a minimum of one sliding scale slot in your practice. Together, we can grow our network of like-minded healing arts professionals and reach more clients in need of affordable holistic care.
Free Advertising
There is no cost for practitioners to join Healing Arts. Your inviting, professional profile will be yours free of charge. We advertise this service to clients nationwide via Google AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram.
Generate Referrals
Word of mouth is a powerful way to advertise your practice. Healing Arts Collective clients often refer friends, family members, and colleagues to the site and their healing arts practitioner. They can also refer full-fee or insurance-based clients to their Healing Arts practitioner.
Member Benefits
Healing Arts has partnered with the following organizations, who generously offer discounts and other perks to Healing Arts member practitioners. Use these benefits to continue growing your practice!

Practitioner Testimonials

From day one, it’s been important to me to offer a sliding scale option in my acupuncture practice. Cost should never mean that someone who needs it doesn’t get the high quality care they deserve. Healing Arts helps those clients find me and keeps the process simple, so we have more time to focus on them and their health.

Jenny Paris

Exclusive Member Benefits

Everyday Oil
Healing Arts Collective Member Practitioners receive 20% discount off their first Everyday Oil order.
Open Path Wellness Membership
Open Path Psychotherapy Collective has created a library of helpful, easy-to-use online wellness courses for people looking to gain greater self-awareness and emotional resiliency.
Gaia Herbs
We’ve partnered with Gaia Herbs to offer Healing Arts practitioners an ongoing 15% off.
Open Path Collective Lecture Series
Our lecture series is designed to spotlight culturally impactful voices who pull from the pools of psychological and ancestral wisdom often overshadowed by mainstream values. In co ...More
Are You Eligible to Participate?

To participate in the Healing Arts Collective, you must be certified, licensed or have formal training from an accredited institution. We also welcome unlicensed professionals practicing in jurisdictions where it is legal to practice in their field without certification or a license. You also must pass our peer-reviewed online application process.