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Frequently Asked Questions

Rates & Fees

Q: How long do healing arts sessions need to be?

The Healing Arts sliding scale rates of $30-$60 per session are based on a standard, 60-minute session. If a session will be longer than 60 minutes, you can prorate the session fee. For example, you could charge $90 for a 90-minute intake session. If you have any further questions regarding setting the fee, please email our staff at

Q: I’m a practitioner in Canada. Are Healing Arts session rates charged in U.S. dollars or Canadian dollars?
Canadian practitioners can charge Healing Arts clients between $30-$60 CAD for individual sessions. Please note that Canadian clients will submit their one-time, $49 registration fee in U.S. dollars directly to Open Path Healing Arts Collective.
Q: Can I offer the reduced rate for a limited number of sessions, and then raise the rate above $60 after the limit is met?

We do not allow member practitioners to raise the rate after a certain number of sessions to an amount over $60. We ask that you see Open Path clients within the range of $30-60 per session.

Q: If a client’s financial situation positively changes, is it acceptable to renegotiate their fee outside of Healing Arts’ $30-60 range?

Yes, if a client’s financial situation significantly improves, it is acceptable to renegotiate their fee. For example, if the client is paying $30 a session and a practitioner’s rate is $125 and the client suddenly gets a high paying job, we believe it’s financially and therapeutically appropriate and important to change the fee. The practitioner would be encouraged to respectfully renegotiate the rate with the client at that time within the $30-60 range. If the client has any questions about their membership with Healing Arts Collective at that point, the practitioner can direct them to Healing Arts Collective at

Q: Why do you charge low(er) fee paying clients a membership fee?

Open Path is a nonprofit organization: we use the funds we receive from the membership fee to market Open Path, maintain our website, pursue grants and other avenues of funding, and recruit new practitioners nationwide.


Q: How do I access the Healing Arts referral program?

Each member practitioner has a unique link they can share with their community. Log in to your Healing Arts account and go to the Account Dashboard. You’ll find a module underneath your profile information that allows you to share your unique link via social media, email, or directly by copying the link provided.

Q: I’m certified or licensed in multiple disciplines — do I have to pick just one?

Many practitioners are certified, licensed, or educated in more than one discipline. When applying to become a member Practitioner, Healing Arts practitioners who work across multiple healing modalities should select all of the discipline(s) that they are certified or licensed in, and describe their qualifications and knowledge base in their Practitioner Profile.


Q: Why should I join Healing Arts? Why not just offer low-fee sessions on my own?

It’s true: most of us already offer lower fees to certain clients. However, when we offer lower fees to clients we are acting as lone altruistic individuals. By becoming an Open Path Healing Arts Collective Practitioner you put your altruism to work, becoming part of a nationwide movement of practitioners dedicated to ending economic disparity in the holistic health field. Also, it’s our intent to make the Healing Arts Collective a place of support for practitioners offering low-fee holistic health support: in addition to your profile page bringing increased traffic to your website and other benefits listed here.

Q: How do I apply to be an Open Path Member practitioner?

Start the application process here. Once you’ve been approved, we’ll ask you to fax or scan a copy of any licensing or certification information to us.

Q: What qualifications do I need to apply?

You must be a certified or licensed practitioner in your discipline. Please visit our Practitioner Eligibility page for specifics on your discipline.

Q: Can practitioners in Canada join the Healing Arts Collective?

Yes, we welcome practitioners in Canada to join Open Path Healing Arts Collective. As in the US, we require proof of certification or licensure in your given discipline.

Q: Can my group practice have an Open Path Healing Arts Collective profile?

Yes, it is possible to have a profile on our site for a clinic or group practice. However, we recommend having practitioners from the clinic use individual profiles on our site for two reasons:

1. It provides a greater SEO push for your practice.

2. We’ve learned that people are far more likely to click on a face, than a company logo. The individual practitioner can link to your main website from their profile.

If you would like to go with having the practice posted only, we would need an application from the point person (who would receive all of the emails coming from Open Path staff and prospective clients), plus a copy of the state license or certification for every person in the practice who’d be potentially working with an Open Path Healing Arts Collective client.

If you would like to create profiles for each practitioner, which we recommend, each practitioner would need to fill out the application in order to create their profile, and also send a copy of their license or certification.

The application can be found here.

Q: What happens after I apply?

After being approved to be an Open Path Member Practitioner, we will send you a username and password to set up your profile page. Once we send a client your way, they will get in touch with you to schedule the first session.

Q: What do you do with my professional information on my application?

We simply use it for our own records: Open Path will never share or sell your information. Our only goal is to connect you with people who can’t afford holistic healthcare while supporting your practice in the process.

Q: How much do I have to pay to have a profile page on your site?

Absolutely nothing! Part of our mission is to support you in your healing arts practice. As Open Path grows and our visibility increases, your visibility will increase too. It’s our belief that your involvement with Open Path will have a positive impact for your full-fee practice as well, driving new web traffic to your practice’s homepage. Also, we’re committed to supporting your practice in other ways: Click here to learn more about the benefits of being an Open Path Member Practitioner.

Healing Arts Clients

Q: Can I see more than two clients at a time?

Yes. As long as your profile page indicates that you are accepting new Open Path clients, we will do our best to send them in your direction.

Q: How many clients do I have to see to be a Healing Arts practitioner?

Just one. Your profile page has a field for you to indicate and update to show if you have space for a new client or not. As members of the Collective dedicated to providing affordable holistic health care, we ask that you keep this field current and be honest in disclosing the number of Healing Arts clients you are seeing.

Q: Can my current low(er) fee paying clients become Open Path clients?

Yes. Your client(s) would need to fill out our application and pay our one-time $49 membership fee.

Q: How will Healing Arts bring new clients to my door?

In addition to strengthening your digital presence and fielding queries from potential clients who discover Open Path Healing Arts Collective in their own internet search or via word of mouth, we support practitioners who wish to conduct outreach to gain additional referrals. If there are organizations in your community you’d like to contact, please let us know by emailing and we can provide you with the needed materials and information.

Thanks to a generous grant from Google, we direct marketing resources toward targeted ads designed to increase the number of referrals throughout the country. We also invest resources in Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Q: I don’t have any room in my current caseload, can I still join?

Yes, with a caveat. After signing up for Healing Arts, you may indicate on your profile page that you are not currently accepting Healing Arts clients. We ask that within six months time, you change this status on your page to make room for at least one Open Path Healing Arts Collective client in your caseload.

Q: If a non-Healing Arts client requests reduced fee appointments with me, and I have no room in my schedule, may I refer them to Healing Arts?

Of course. We hope that Healing Arts will help alleviate the burden of saying no to certain clients. While we can’t promise there will be a practitioner available to work with them, we welcome the referral and will do our best to help them find an affordable practitioner.

Q: Can clients who have Medicaid use Open Path Healing Arts Collective?

If there are no available Medicaid providers in the client’s area, a client could use Open Path Healing Arts Collective to meet their need for affordable holistic health care needs. It’s important to note that Healing Arts Collective rates are much higher than Medicaid rates for certain holistic health disciplines. If there are available Medicaid providers in the client’s area, we ask that they not use the Healing Arts Collective.

Q: If I am already seeing a few Healing Arts clients and I don’t have room for more, will I get swamped with phone calls from people hoping to work with me?

No. You will be able to indicate whether or not you are accepting Healing Arts clients on your profile page. This page is always in your control.

Online Care

Q: What are Healing Arts’ guidelines on online assistance?

Open Path Healing Arts Collective allows its practitioners to offer online assistance. We strongly encourage all practitioners offering online holistic care to research the guidelines or policies of their profession’s best practice recommendations for providing online care. Some practitioners may only be able to offer remote sessions to clients located in the same state as where they are licensed or certified. We also highly recommend that practitioners conduct an initial assessment with new clients requesting online assistance to determine the appropriateness of this approach before regular sessions are undertaken.

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